ECW Hardcore TV Complete Set Volume 4 DVD-R

ECW Hardcore TV Complete Set Volume 4 DVD-R

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    GET ALL 10 DVD's from ECW Hardcore TV   
    Included in this set:


    ECW Hardcore TV 156-159

    1. Bruise Brothers/Raven, Kimona & Raven's doctor interview

    2. Raven, Bruises, Sandman, Douglas, Dreamer brawl (Brian Lee debuts)

    3. Raven/Lee/Bruises interview

    4. Joel Hartgood vs. Broad Street Bully (Axl Rotten runs in with a Barbed Wire Bat)

    5. Raven & Lee interview

    6. Brian Pillman interview

    7. Raven & Bruise Bros. vs. Dreamer, Douglas & Sandman

    8. Kenny Albert interviews Douglas

    9. Dudleys jump JT Smith and Little Guido (Devon Dudley debuts)

    10. Sabu vs. Whipwreck (highlights)

    11. Taz vs. Jericho (Shootfight Rules, Highlights)

    12. Dudleys interview

    13. Eliminators vs. Hartgood & Ricania

    14. Eliminators and Gangstas brawl

    15. Scorpio & Sandman vs. Gangstas vs. Headhunters (Highlights, Missy & Alexandra catfight)

    16. Blue Meanie's girlfriend jumps him with whip cream, Raven hits Kimona

    17. Pitbulls & Dreamer vs. Bruise Bros. & Lee

    18. Video  montage

    19. Recap of Dreamer, Raven and Beulah triangle

    20. Gangstas interview, then brawl with Eliminators

    21. Super nova vs. Ricania (Eliminators run in)

    22. Eliminators challenge Gangstas, then brawl

    23. JT Smith & Guido at Geno's Steaks, funny

    24. Dreamer vs. Lee (Lee & Bruises smash a block on Dreamer)

    25. Cactus, Meanie & Richards at hotel

    26. Interview Douglas (Part 1 lesbian angle)

    27. Part 2 of lesbian angle

    28. Raven vs. Douglas

    29. Confrontation with Douglas and Scropio

    30. Clips of Fred the Elephant Boy meeting Missy Hyatt

    31. Gangstas/Eliminators interviews

    32. Axl Rotten vs. Little Guido

    33. Taz vs. Devon Storm

    34. Video montage (Gangstas get jumped)




    ECW Hardcore TV 160-163


    • Pitbulls vs. Dudley Boys

      2. Live updates on the Elimination jumping Tommy Dreamer/Pitbulls

      3. Recap of Shane Douglas ECW career

      4. Sabu vs. Rob Van Dam (great match)

      5. Eliminators interview

      6. Damian (FMW/AAA) vs. El Puerto Ricania (Sabu runs in and destroys them both)

      7. Douglas vs. Too Cold Scorpio (Excellent match, Shane and Scorpio's best in a while)

      8. Interviews Sandman & Missy Hyatt

      9. ECW montage video

      10. Clips of Sabu vs. Van Dam (Respect match)

      11. Post match confrontation Sabu and Van Dam

      12. Fan cam interview Paul E. Dangerously

      13. Interviews Taz & Bill Alfonso/Scorpio

      14. Taz vs. Scorpio

      15. Post match interview Taz & Alfonso

      16. Jericho vs. Mikey Whipwreck

      17. Clips Dreamer vs. Brian Lee, they brawl in the streets and in somebody's backyard, this full match is available in our fan cam section

      18. Raven vs. Sandman vs. Pitbull #2 (3 Way Dance)

      19. Video Montage

      20. Recap Sabu vs. Van Dam confrontation (additional footage)

      21. Fan cam interview Dangerously

      22. Jericho vs. Scorpio

      23. Clips of Dreamer vs. Douglas vs. Sandman - 3 Way Dance match

      24. Interview Stevie Richards imitating Sandman

      25. Interviews Raven/Richards/Lee/Meanie

      26. Dudleys vs. Damian Kane & Devon Storm (Devon Dudley goes nuts)

      27. Dudleys try and call Big Dick

      28. Eliminators & Lee vs. Dreamer & Gangstas (wild)


    ECW Hardcore TV 164-167


    • Interview Raven and Richards, they introduce Devine Brown (the ex-prostitute of Hugh Grant fame)

      2. Taz vs. Jason Helton (shootfight)

      3. Interview Taz and Alfonso (a confrontation with Ultimate fighter Paul Varelans ensues and the place goes nuts!!!)

      4. Recap of Raven and Dreamer feud

      5. Bruise Brothers  & Lee vs. Dreamer & Pitbulls (elimination, Dreamer gets choke slammed off the stage through a few tables...nuts!!!)

      6. Pitbull #2 vs. Raven

      7. Interview Lee

      8. Preview of Brian Pillman's ECW return

      9. Video recap of Fight the Power '96

      10. Press conference: Taz-Varelans contract signing

      11. FBI vs. Dudleys (Big Dick's return)

      12. Van Dam vs. Mikey (Pillman comes out during the match in a wheelchair)

      13. Interview Pillman & Van Dam

      14. Interview Paul E. Dangerously on Sabu vs. Van Dam

      15. Douglas challenges and wrestles 4 opponents

      16. Douglas vs. Pitbull #2

      17. Interview Douglas

      18.  ECW video montage

      19.  ECW recap video

      20.  Lee vs. Dreamer (clip, Dreamer gets chokeslammed through a dumpster)

      21. Richards & Meanie come out dressed as the Blue Bloods

      22. Richards serves Missy Hyatt papers

      23. Sandman vs. Richards (bloody Raven jumps Sandman)

      24. Sabu vs. Mikey (great match)

      25. Interview Raven and Richards, they introduce Blue Dust which is Blue Meanie imitating Goldust, hilarious!

      26. Video montage

      27. Interview with Baron Von Stevie & Bluedust, very funny

      28. Sandman canes ring announcer Joel Gertner

      29. Sabu vs. Douglas (clips)

      30. Douglas vs. Mikey

      31. Richards introduces Peaches to Raven as his valet

      32. Gordy vs. Raven (bloody, great match, after the match Raven confronts Sandman with Sandman's own son and Peaches, incredible angle!!!)

    ECW Hardcore TV 168-171

    • Raven interview with Sandman's kid

      2. Jericho vs. Pitbull #2 (Jericho wins TV title)

      3. Dreamer vs. Lee (Weapons match, bloodbath, this was the match where Dreamer gets choke slammed thru 3 tables from a balcony, sick!!! They brawl outside the arena.)

      4. Gangstas vs. Eliminators

      5. Samoan Gangstas vs. Rotten & Myers (Gangstas come in)

      6. Sabu vs. Van Dam (great match)

      7. Raven & Richards/ Video Montage

      8. Gangstas and Samoans brawl, they also have a match

      9. Mikey vs. Paul Lauria (Eliminators come in and challenge Mikey to go get Sabu)

      10. Eliminators vs. Sabu & Mikey (great match)

      11. Gordon vs. Alfonso (from Allentown)

      12. Video Montage/Gangstas do a shoot interview on SMW, funny

      13. Jericho vs. Douglas vs. Pitbull #2 vs. Scorpio (4 Way match, it lasts about 1 hour, this also has Francine turning on the Pitbulls and gets super bombed through a table!!!****, great)


    ECW Hardcore TV 172-175

    • Intr: Taz/Alfonso.. They Fire Joey Styles & 911 returns, He & Taz go at it

      2. Recap of Taz-911

      3. Fan Cam clip of Sandman vs. Raven & Sandman's son confrontation

      4. Louie Spicolli vs. El Puerto Ricania

      5. Sabu vs. Louie Spicolli

      6. Samaon Gangstas jump The Gangstas in parking lot

      7. Fan Cam clip: T. Dreamer/T. Gordy vs. B. Lee/Taz

      8. Preview of the 4-Way Dance

      9. Fam Cam Clip: T. Dreamer/T. Gordy vs. B. Lee/Taz

      10. Interviews with Brian Lee, Taz, Tommy Dreamer

      11. Taz-Dreamer...Confrontation

      12. JT Smith introduces "Kiss".. Hilarious

      13. Raven/Kiss Cane Sandman

      14. Axl Rotten vs. D-Von Dudley

      15. Buh Buh Dudley jumps D-Von

      16. Raven Interview with Peaches & Sandman’s son

      17. Sandman vs. Steve Richards... ECW title match

      18. Eliminators vs. Gangstas vs. Samoan Gangsta Party vs. Bruise Brothers.... 4 Way Dance

      19. Interviews: Raven

      20. Confrontation: Eliminators -Dream/Gordy

      21. Eliminators vs. Okana/Yamada... Korokean Hall... Tokyo, Japan

      22. Raven vs. Tommy Dreamer... Tokyo, Japan

      23. Interviews Gangsta New Jack, Great

      24. Video Recap: Eliminators-Gangstas feud

      25. Fan Cam Interview, Shane Douglas/Francine

      26. Interview with Pitbulls...Pitbull #1's retirement announcement

      27. Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #2

      28. ECW video montage


    ECW Hardcore TV 176-179

    • Interview with Rob Van Dam

      2. Doug Furnas vs. Rob Van Dam

      3. Recap of Sandman-Raven Feud

      4. Johnny Smith vs. Louie Spicolli

      5. ECW Video Montage

      6. Shane Douglas/Francine on a beach

      7. Pitbulls video

      8. Shane Douglas/Francine Interview

      9. Rob Van Dam asks Paul E. for Sabu to be his partner

      10. Interview with Missy Hyatt/Sandman...This is Missy's last appearance/She turns on Sandman...Great

      11. Louie Spicolli vs. Devon Storm

      12. Taz vs.Tommy Dreamer

      13. Brian Lee vs. Terry Gordy..Badstreet match

      14. Intr: Tommy Dreamer

      15. Dudleys vs. Axl Rotten/D-Von Dudley

      16. Interview wih Raven/Lori Fullinton

      17. Shane Douglas/Francine at pool

      18.  Video Montage

    19. Sandman-Tyler/Lori/Raven Confrontation

    20. Tyler Fullington's birthday party...absolutely hilarious

    21. American Journal Piece on ECW

    22. Shane Douglas vs. Louie Spicolli

    23. Lance Wright interviews Shane Douglas...Lance & Heel announcer Joel Gertner go at it, & Shane cripples Lance Wright...Classic!



    ECW Hardcore TV 180-183


    • Joel Gertner introduces Julio Ceaser Valentino Alfonso

      2. Sandman vs. Devon Storm

      3. Recap: Shane Douglas-Pitbull #2 feud

      4. Gangstas vs. FBI

      5. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Doug Furnas/Dan Kroffat...Classic 30mn Draw

      6. Taz/Alfonso Interview

      7. Taz vs. Johnnie Smith

      8. Fan Cam: ECW Invasion

      9. Meanie Babe gets slopped

      10. New jack vs. Steve Richards/Blue Meanie...Fan Cam Clips/Richards/Meanie Imitate Public Enemy

      11. Richards/Meanie... In Public Enemy outfits...great stuff

      12. Eliminators/Brian Lee vs. Tommy Dreamer/Steve Williams/Terry Gordy

      13. Doc/Grody Inteview

      14. Shane Douglas at the gym

      15. ECW Montage video

      16. Gangstas vs. Richards/Meanie...Dressed again as Public Enemy

      17. Recap: Raven vs. Sandman/Dreamer Feuds

      18. Preview of Ultimate Jeopardy

      19. Mikey Whipwreck vs. JT Smith

      20. Brian Lee/Steve Richards vs. Tommy Dreamer/Sandman...Ultimate Jeopardy Match, Sandman wins ECW title

      21. Recap: Ultimate Jeopardy

      22. Lori Fullington Interview

      23. Johnny Smith vs. Taz...Submission match

      24. Eliminators vs. Samoan Gangsta party

    25. Shane Douglas vs. Pitbulls #2 ...Shane attacks paralized Pitbulls #1 an incredibleangle...Place goes nuts


    ECW Hardcore TV 184-187

    • Clips of Shane Douglas vs. Pitbull #2...Shane Shakes the cage of injured Pitbull #1

      2. Chris Jericho vs. Too Cold Scorpio

      3. Promo: Shane Douglas/Francine...Shane's in a wheelchair

      4. Eliminators vs. Gangstas....A Ladder is used Frequently, among other objects

      5. Preview of High Incident

      6. ECW video Montage

      7. Clip of Dreamer vs. Lee

      8. Interview with US Olympic gold medalist Kurt Angle

      9. Taz vs. Little Guido...Angle does commentary

      10. Shane Douglas vs. Cody Michaels

      11. Chris Candido vs. Spike Dudley...Candido power bombs him off the top rope

      12. Sandman vs. Too Cold Scorpio ...Raven returns

      13. Raven Interview

      14. Pitbull #2 vs. Pittsburgh Steel Team...Brian Lee Chokeslams Pitbull off a truck through tables!!!

      15. Doug Furnas vs. Louie Spicolli

      16. Shane Douglas vs. Tommy Dreamer...Shane puts Beulah in a full Nelson

      17. Video Montage

      18. Terry Funk ECW career video retrospective

      19. Dudleys vs. Axl Rotten/D-Von Dudley

      20. Big Dick jumps Axl/D-Von

      21. Interview with Axl/D-Von/Joel Gertner

      22. Big Dick gets arrested

      23. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Doug Furnas/Dan Kroffat

      24. Too Cold Scorpio vs. Davy Tyler Morton...Taz jumps Scorpio

      25. Paul E. Dangerously tell his side of the story of the Taz-Sabu situation

      27. Video preview of November to Remember


    ECW Hardcore TV 188-191


    • November to remember 96 highlights

      2. Recap of Taz-Sabu history

      3. Paul E. tells his die of the story concerning Taz-Sabu

      4. Intr: Taz/Alfanzo

      5. Steve Richards vs. Dave Tyler Morton (The debut of the BWO...absolutely hilarious)

      6. Buh Buh Ray Dudley vs. D-Von Dudley

      7. Sabu/Rob Van Dam vs. Gangstas vs. Eliminators

      8. Taz tells his side of the story concerning Taz-Sabu

      9. Axl Rotten vs. Hack Myers

      10. BWO Promo

      11. Tommy Dreamer Interview

      12. Interview with Too Cold Scorpio..Challenges everyone to a series of Loser Leaves Town Matches

      13. Scorpio vs. Louie Spicolli...Loser Leaves ECW

      14. Taz comes out and Challenges Sabu...Taz take the ring announcer hostage & Tazplexes Paul E.

      15. Sabu confronts Taz

      16. Recap of the Taz-Sabu confrontation

      17. Taz vs. Rob Van Dam..Fan Cam Clips

      18. Chris Candido/Mikey Whipwreck vs. Eliminators

      19. Post match interview Chris Candido

      20. Satellite Interview with The Gangstas

      21. Preview: Sandman vs. Raven...Barbed Wire Match

      22. Preview: Mixed tag match

      23. Promo: Tommy Dreamer

      24. Beulah "I'd die for you" video

      25. Tommy Dreamer vs. Shane Douglas...Fan Cam

      26. Taz confronts the BWO

      27. Clips: Raven vs. Sandman...Barbed Wire

      28. Video Recap of the history of the ECW Championship

      29. Still Shots of the barbed wire match

      30. The BWO make an appearance 3 and a half debuts

      31. Shane Douglas/Francine Promo in front of a christmas tree

      32. BWO offer Joel Gertner a spot as their "Bish"

      33. Preview of Rob Van Dam vs. Taz. rematch including comments from both

      34. Louie Spicolli vs. Brian Lee - Candido Does Commentary/Great Finish

      35. Interview with Raven...Raven talks about this rehab & Addiction..this was a shoot

      36. Video clips of barbed wire match


    ECW Hardcore TV 192-195


    1. Joel Gertner promo

    2. Shane Dougals/Francine vs. Tommy Dreamer/Beulah...Beulah does a moonsault!

    3. Interview with Shane/Francine

    4. Recap of Shane's ECW return

    5. Shane Douglas vs. Tommy Dreamer...Flashback

    6. BWO skit

    7. Rob Van Dam vs. Taz...Incredible match

    8. Dudleys vs. D. Morton/Guido

    9. Interview Taz

    10. 20 man over the top ECW Rumble

    11. Recap of ECW's 1996

    12. Gertner interview Shane/Francine

    13. BWO in New York

    14. Clip of Eliminators winning tag belts

    15. BWO video

    16. Eliminators vs. Gangstas...Title change

    17. Interview with Eliminators

    18. Brian Lee vs. Louie Spicolli..Great finish

    19. Rob Van Dam vs. Chris Candito..Fan Cam

    20. Recap: Taz-Rob Van Dam

    21. Promos: Taz,Shane/Francine

    22. Recap of Shane Douglas 1996

    23. Raven vs. Mikey Whipwreck..Sandman steals Raven's belt

    24. Terry Funk video

    25. BWO video

    26. Axl Rotten vs. Steve Richards

    27. Highlights from Webster, MA

    28. Gertner interviews Candido

    29. Super Nova vs. Brian Lee

    30. Brian Lee attacks Killer Kowalski

    31. Interview with Eliminators

    32. Raven vs. Sandman...No ref, they brawl all over the building


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