GiGi vs. Antonio

GiGi vs. Antonio

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Gigi is a sexy big powerful woman who stands 5'9" and weighs 160 lbs. Her opponent was Antonio, a muscular latin american kid who weighed in at 165 lbs. Gigi wore a clingy one piece with sexy silk stockings which displayed her shapely huge python legs. Gigi is very athletic and plays college volleyball and baseball. Although this was her first match against a male, with her size, strength, athletic ability and the intense training program she participated in, she felt confident. In her pre-fight interview she stated, "I hope to kick some ass."

Within the first couple of minutes, Gigi racked up her first submission against a male. She threw everything but the kitchen sink at poor Antonio who didn't seem to stand a chance. Gigi got on top of Antonio and sat on him while cradling him. Later, she put those big strong legs to good use by wrapping them around Antonio's body. He literally shrieked and grunted in agony as this female warrior humiliated him with her skill and raw power. Antonio tried hard and every now and then, he would get on top, but it was to no avail. He had no finishing skills and Gigi would calmly wait until the right moment and toss him off like a school boy.

In addition to those rib crunching body scissors, she tapped him out with head scissors on several occasions. Between regular scissors and reverse head scissors which pressed his face deep into those gorgeous hamstrings, Antonio didn't know which way to turn. Halfway through the match, he took off his shirt, but that didn't help. She put him in neck cranks, breast smothers, a grapevine, school boy pins with neck cranks and when he was totally exhausted, she put him in a humiliating cradle.

Approximately 50 minutes.

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