Nicole vs. Stan

Nicole vs. Stan

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Nicole is a sexy hot blonde female warrior who at 5'5 and 140 lbs. is fit and shapely which was not hard to see in the tiny pink bikini that she wore for this contest. Her opponent was Stan, who is a young fit male who is 5'6" and 160 lbs. Nicole noted in her pre-fight interview that she's been working on her legs and that they are now stronger than ever and that she expected Stan to feel that strength during the match.

The match got off to furious start as the two game opponents went at it. Nicole used her savvy ring experience to quickly put a shocked Stan into an agonizing grapevine. After that she used those python legs to crunch the life out of Stan with body scissors that must have made Stan's ancestors shudder. It wasn't long before submissions were forthcoming. To be fair to Stan he was not making it easy and gave Nicole a hard time. In fact, he did actually manage to extract a couple of submissions; nevertheless, the match was very one sided as Nicole dominated him with her powerful legs and her skill.

In fact, Stan might've been sorry every time he did decently, Nicole became visibly angered and she attacked him with frightening fury. She showed Stan no respect, shoving him into the wall and stomping on him as he lay on the ground, exhausted. She made Stan beg to be let go and sometimes when he tried to tap out, she wouldn't let go until he verbally gave. 

Approximately 50 minutes.

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