Jill vs. Nicole

Jill vs. Nicole

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This match was highly anticipated as two fierce female warriors prepared to do battle. First, there was Nicole, a hot sexy blonde, who at 5'5" and 140 lbs. has the kind of gorgeous fit bodies to make you gasp in awe. She wore a short print dress to begin the match. Nicole faced an equally sexy beautiful opponent, the Scottish lass, Jill who began the match in a short print dress. Jill stands 5'6" and weighed in at 130 lbs. In the prefight interview, Jill said that she loves to jog on the beach so her calves are strong enough for her crushing scissor holds. She also made it clear that she had no intention of losing. Nicole felt that her working out, strength and slight weight advantage would give her the edge.

This war was nothing short of it's expectations right from the second it began. Dresses went flying in the air as Jill grabbed Nicole in an awesome headlock and then quickly converted them into agonizing body scissors. Nicole's bare legs floundered helplessly as Jill crushed her without mercy. Finally, Nicole escaped and the battle raged on! About 10 minutes into the match the sexy sweaty female gladiators decided they were too hot and to the delight of the film crew, they stripped down to bikinis.

This match was very competitive as each would get the upper hand and then quickly lose it. They rolled all over as they applied loads of interesting holds such as the time Nicole stretched Jill into a frantic submission by placing her foot in the middle of Jill's back as she held one arm and leg. You will also see head scissors, body scissors, cradles and much more. A very exciting match with two very skilled beautiful blondes in this close and wild contest! Who do you think won? To find out, order your copy of this classic battle between two of the best in the business today!

Approximately 50 minutes.

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