Tina vs. Robert

Tina vs. Robert

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Black Falcon Productions presesnts: Tina vs. Robert, in "Battle over Vacation Plans"

Tina, a hot dark haired beauty was in the living room dressed in a short black mini skirt and some sexy tall black boots. Robert came in and told her that there was a change of vacation plans and since he wore the pants, that was all that was needed to be said. Tina suggested they wrestle and the winner could choose where they would go.
Robert readily agreed, not realizing what he was in for. With a quick leg dive Tina took Robert down and quickly got him in a humbling school boy pin. Robert squirmed and foolishly pushed her off only to find himself in some devastating head scissors. You'll delight in seeing Tina's gorgeous thighs as her short skirt rolled up over her shiny blue bikini bottom. Tina next tortured Robert by wedging her black boots against Robert's body as she stretched his arms. Seeing those boots and those legs brutalize her helpless victim will drive you nuts.
Robert momentarily reversed things but Tina quickly took control again, putting him in a humiliating cross pin, trapping his arm between her gorgeous thighs as her bikini bottom peeked out from under the short dress. Tina continued her savagery with a cruel grapevine, body scissors, a painful Russian sickle, head scissors, and a school boy pin. In addition, she tickle tortures John who goes nuts, trying not to laugh as he suffers this unique helplessness.
Finally, Tina decided to strip down and she peeled off both the boots and the dress. How humiliating it must have been to have this sexy bikini clad woman crush Robert in a painful cradle as she taunted him. Yet despite Robert's efforts to stay in control despite his physical humiliation it was to no avail. In the end Robert was forced to admit Tina was in charge and that he would go along with her vacation plans as he was sent to go make dinner. Truly a classic!

Approximately 50 minutes.

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