Tied & Died VHS

Tied & Died VHS

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In this video we have 3 seperate matches. The first one is a mixed match between poor Joe and two wild and wacky vixens. Jaguar starts off the action. After Joe shows us his cocky side and rips off her shirt, Jaguar throws him to the ground and playfully teases him. As time goes on the pace picks up and Sheila steps in and takes over. Both girls end up busting out of their shirts, only to torment Joe with multiple wedgies and spankings. Not to mention the humiliation he has to endure.

The second match is entitled 'Liquid Lunch'. This is a sensual match done with paint and black lights with Lady Victoria and Jaguar. Music in the background, sets this erotic mood to a one of a kind video. Watch as both ladies apply the paint and their bodies become in focus. You will delight in the erotic slithering of two hot bodies back and forth.

The third match was seen on 'Fox: You Gotta See This!". Titled 'Children Of The Cream Corn', this was a live match with a crowd, done for a local radio station benefit. This match was messy, funny, sloppy and quite tasty. Lady Victoria and Jaguar really ham it up for this one!

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