The Best and Worst of Alexis Laree - The Making of Mickie James Double DVD-R

The Best and Worst of Alexis Laree - The Making of Mickie James Double DVD-R

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This DVD stars MICKIE JAMES as ALEXIS LAREE and features a whos-who of Women Pro Wrestling: Amanda Storm, Candie, Colleen, Davey Mae, Dawn Mae, G.I. Ho, Greg Mathews, Lady Storm, Missy The School Girl, Persephone, Poppa Mae, Pryme Tyme Amy Lee, Psycho Bitch, Self Employed, Special Ed, Tai Killer Weed, and Tara.
Before she won the WWE Womens World Title at Wrestlemania 22, this small-town girl from Richmond, Virginia worked the independent wrestling scene for such companies as KYDA,CSWF, DCW, PWF, SCW, UCW, UWF, ICW, MCW, WEW, ROH, TNA, OVW, and yes THE DANGEROUS WOMEN OF WRESTLING (D.W.OW.). In fact, Alexis Laree spent many days err nights entertaining the rabid fan base of DWOW.
Alexis Laree became a quick star, and fan favorite with DWOW fans and wrestlers. Alexis was always professional, and performed every match like it was the main event. She always talked about making it big one day in the WWE, and look at her today. Looking back at the various matches and angles that Alexis Laree was involved with, there were plenty of things she wanted no part of, as she didnt want to tarnish her image as she was pursuing signing with the WWE. No oil or shaving cream matches, no paddle matches, sexy dances, or lesbian angles, oh no she saved that for the big time and the WWE!
Enjoy Mickie James as Alexis Laree, as we take a look back at her matches in The Dangerous Women of Wrestling!
  • 2/18/03 vs Persephone Trenton, NJ
  • 11/5/02 w/Candie vs Amy Lee w/Special Ed ( West


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5 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 55 out of 5 An Excellent Capture of Mickie's First Year's in Pro Wrestling..., 8.18.2013
Reviewer: Brandon Lyles (Spartanburg, SC)

You have to be a fan of Mickie James just to be intrigued by this DVD set. It's worth the price and time to view it. The DVD includes a plethora of matches from Mickie's stint with GLOOW and DWOW from 2001 to 2003. Pick this DVD up. You will not be disappointed!