IWA Mid-South - The Early Years Volume 2 DVD-R 10 Disc Set

IWA Mid-South - The Early Years Volume 2 DVD-R 10 Disc Set

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    IWA Mid South: The Early Years
    Volume 2
    10 Disc Set

    IWA Mid-South - May 1, 1997 - Louisville, KY "Derby Madness 97"

    1. Rollin Hard vs Chris Kidd
    2. American Kickboxer vs JC Ice (Jamie Dundee)
    3. Ox Harley vs Tower of Doom
    4. Tyren vs Tarek the Great
    5. Mad Man Pondo vs Doug Gilbert w/ Jamie Dundee
    6. The Headbangers vs Bull Pain & Tracy Smothers

    IWA Mid-South - May 8, 1997 "Irreparable Damage" - Louisville, KY

    1. Danny Dee vs. Tarek the Great
    2. The War Machines vs. Tower of Doom & Chris Kidd
    3. Blaze vs. Gator McCallister
    4. Rollin' Hard Interview
    5. Rick Wild vs. American Kickboxer
    6. Wolfie D vs. Ricky Morton
    7. Bull Pain vs. Ian Rotten
    8. Jamie Dundee & Doug Gilbert vs. Mad Man Pondo & Ox Harley

    IWA Mid-South July 19, 1997 "Extreme Heaven" - Louisville, KY (2 Disc Set)

    1. Dennis Coraluzzo Interview
    2. Billy Reil Vs. American Kickboxer
    3. Tyrin Vs. Tarek the Great Vs. American Kickboxer
    4. Tower of Doom Vs. Derek Domino
    5. Debbie Combs Vs. Robbie Rage
    6. Phoenix Vs. Rollin' Hard
    7. Salvatore Sincere Vs. Blaze
    8. Twiggy Ramirez Vs. Lost Boy Wolf
    9. Tom Burton Vs. Security Guard Mike (Cash Flo)
    10. Marty Jannetty Vs. Harley Lewis
    11. Lady Vendetta Vs. Candi Devine - Thumbtack Death Match
    12. The War Machines Vs. Mad Man Pondo & Ox Harley
    13. Buddy Landel Vs. Tommy Gilbert
    14. Ian Rotten Vs. Bull Pain - Barbed Wire Cage Match

    IWA Mid-South October 21, 1997 "King of the Death Matches"

    1. Rollin Hard v. Bull Pain (Thumbtack Bat Barbed Wire Board Match)
    2. Ian Rotten v. Cash Flow (Thumbtack Bat Barbed Wire Board Match)
    3. Balls Mahoney v. War Machine (Barbed Wire Board Bat Match)
    4. Doug Gilbert v. Ox Harley (Barbed Wire Bat Board Match)
    5. Axl Rotten v. War Machine (4 Corners of Pain)
    6. Mad Man Pondo v. Tower of Doom (4 Corners of Pain)
    7. Ian Rotten v. Rollin Hard (spider net death match)
    8. Axl Rotten v. Balls Mahoney
    9. Doug Gilbert v. Mad Man Pondo (Spider Net Death Match)
    10. Ian Rotten v. Axl Rotten (Electrified Lightbulb Death Match)

    IWA Mid-South February 21, 1998 "Eddie Gilbert Memorial 1998" - Louisville, KY (2 Disc Set)

    1. Phoenix vs. Shark Boy
    2. Billy Black vs. Flash Flanagan
    3. American Kickboxer vs. Suicide Kid vs. Tarek the Great - No countouts & NO DQ featuring tables and ladders
    4. Buddy Landel vs. Tommy Gilbert
    5. Corporal Robinson & Cash Flo vs. Ian Rotten & Rollin' Hard
    6. Chip Fairway vs. Bull Pain
    7. Kip Morris vs. Rip Rogers
    8. Doug Gilbert & Dutch Mantel vs. "The Beast" Dan Severn & Terry Gordy - Guest Referee is Buddy Landel

    IWA Mid-South "Hardcore Hell in a Cell 99" Scottsburg, IN (2 Disc Set)

    1. GQ Masters vs. Shark Boy
    2. Corporal Robinson vs. Suicide Kid
    3. Tables Match - American Kickboxer vs. Harry Palmer
    4. Tarek the Great vs. "Wildchild" Rick Wild
    5. Bull Pain vs. Cash Flo
    6. "Hardcore Hell in a Cell" - Ian Rotten vs. Ox Harley

    Bonus Disc - IWA Mid-South All Our Bloody Best Volume 1

    1. Mad Man Pondo vs. Corporal Robinson vs Psycho Sam Cody - No Rope Barbed Wire, Carribean Spider Web Glass Death Match
    2. Ian Rotten vs. Ox Harley - Taipei Death Match - Fire is used and Ian gets caught on FIRE!!
    3. Bull Pain vs Todd Morton - Steel Cage Match
    4. Rollin Hard vs. Ian Rotten - 4 Corners of Pain including a small swimming pool filled with barbed wire and rubbing alcohol
    5. Mad Man Pondo vs. Mean Mitch Page - VERY SICK!! This is the match where the side of Mitch's head is almost cut off and he needed hundreds of stitches
    6. Bull Pain vs. Vampire Warrior (Gangrel) w/ Luna
    7. Mad Man Pondo vs. Ian Rotten


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