Classic Japanese Wrestling Volume Six 10 DVD-R Set

Classic Japanese Wrestling Volume Six 10 DVD-R Set

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A special ten disc set of theClassic Japanese Pro Wrestling!
Disc 51
  1. Jack and Jerry Brisco v. Bob Orton Jr/Jimmy Valiant (06/12/83 in Savannah, GA)
  2. Jumbo Tsuruta v. Brad Rheingans (08/30/83)
  3. Harley Race v. Kevin Von Erich (NWA Title on 06/17/83 in Dallas, TX)
  4. Nick Bockwinkle v. Jumbo Tsuruta (AWA Title, 07/13/83)
  5. Dory and Terry Funk/Baba v. Bruiser Brody/Stan Hanson/Terry Gordy (08/30/83)

Disc 52

  1. Greg Valentine v. Ric Flair (US Title, 06/12/83 in Savannah, GA)
  2. Dory Funk Jr. v. Stan Hanson (11/28/83)
  3. Shoehi Baba/Jumbo Tsuruta v. Tiger Jeet Singh/Umanoseke Ueda (07/26/83)
  4. Stan Hanson v. The Mongol (12/08/83)
  5. Bruiser Brody v. Jumbo Tsuruta (Int'l Title, 08/81/83)
  6. Dory and Terry Funk v. Stan Hanson/Terry Gordy (08/31/83)

Disc 53

  1. Chavo Guerrero v. Masa Fuchi (NWA Int'l Jr. Title, 08/31/83)
  2. Shoehi Baba v. Stan Hanson (PWF Title, 09/08/83)
  3. Bruiser Brody v. Jumbo Tsuruta (Int'l Title, 10/14/83)
  4. Dory Funk Jr. v. Tiger Jeet Singh (12/05/83)
  5. Ric Flair v. Kabuki (NWA Title, 12/12/83)
  6. Shoehi Baba/Dory Funk Jr v. Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody (12/10/83)

Disc 54

  1. Chavo Guerrero v. Mighty Inoue (NWA Int'l Jr Title, 02/26/84)
  2. Blackjack Mulligan and Lanza v. Nick Bockwinkle/Bobby Hennan (03/15/84 in St. Lake City, UT)
  3. Shoehi Baba/Dory Funk Jr. v. Tiger Jeet Singh/Umanoseke Ueda(12/12/83)
  4. Jerry Blackwell/Ken Patera v. Blackjack Mulligan/Jerry Lawler (AWA Tag Title, 03/04/84 in Chicago, IL)
  5. Dory Funk Jr. v. Bruiser Brody (12/08/83)
  6. Jumbo Tsuruta/Kabuki v. Michael Hayes/Terry Gordy (01/22/84)

Disc 55

  1. Stan Hansen v. Shoehi Baba (PWF Title, 03/24/84)
  2. Nick Bockwinkle v. Jumbo Tsuruta (AWA Title, 02/23/84)
  3. Shoehi Baba/Jumbo v. Michael Hayes/Terry Gordy (01/20/84)
  4. Jumbo Tsuruta v. Nick Bockwinkle (AWA Title, 02/26/84)

Disc 56

  1. Billy Robinson/Brad Rheingans v. Steve Regal/Kevin Kelly (03/04/84 in Chicago, IL)
  2. Jumbo Tsuruta v. BlackJack Lanza (AWA Title, 03/04/84 in Chicago)
  3. Jumbo Tsuruta v. Billy Robinson (AWA Title, 03/11/84 in Green Bay, WI)
  4. Jerry Blackwell/Ken Patera v. Greg Gagne/Jim Brunzell, 03/11/84 in Green Bay, WI)
  5. Jerry Blackwell/Ken Patera v. Crusher/Greg Gagne (AWA Tag, 03/15/84 in Salt Lake City, UT)
  6. Jumbo Tsuruta v. Jim Brunzell (AWA Title, 03/15/84 in Salt Lake City, UT)

Disc 57

  1. Harley Race/Nick Bockwinkle v. Takashi Ishikawa/Mighty Inoue (12/08/84)
  2. Gran Hamada/Mighty Inoue v. Chavo/Hector Guerrero (09/12/84)
  3. Jumbo Tsuruta v. Greg Gagne (AWA Title, 04/19/84)
  4. Bruiser Brody/Moondog Moretti v. Jumbo Tsuruta/Takashi Ishikawa (09/12/84)
  5. Jumbo Tsuruta v. Jim Brunzell (AWA Title, 04/26/84)
  6. Bruiser Brody/Stan Hansen v. Shoehi Baba/Dory Funk Jr (PWF Tag Title, 04/25/84)

Disc 58

  1. Dory Funk Jr v. Stan Hanson (04/26/84)
  2. Jumbo Tsuruta v. Rick Martel (AWA Title, 05/13/84 in St. Paul, MN)
  3. Stan Hanson v. Shoehi Baba (PWF Title, 07/31/84)
  4. Harley Race v. Ric Flair (05/22/84)
  5. Kerry Von Erich v. Jumbo Tsuruta (NWA Title, 05/22/84)


Disc 59

  1. Kerry Von Erich v. Ric Flair (NWA Title, 05/24/84)
  2. Bruiser Brody/Stan Hanson v. Shoehi Baba/Dory Funk Jr (PWF Tag Title, 08/26/84)
  3. Kabuki v. Umanoseke Ueda (06/05/84)
  4. Tiger Mask v. La Fiera (08/26/84)
  5. Jumbo Tsuruta v. Terry Gordy (Int'l Title, 10/29/84)

Disc 60

  1. Kabuki/Takashi Ishikawa v. Jerry Lawler/Jimmy Valiant (02/05/85)
  2. Tiger Mask v. Pirata Morgan (12/08/94)
  3. Shoehi Baba/Mighty Inoue/Takashi Ishikawa v. Rusher Kimura/Ryuma Go/Goro Tsurumi (03/09/85)
  4. Stan Hansen/Bruiser Brody v. Dory and Terry Funk (PWF Tag Title, 12/08/94)
  5. Dynamite Kid/Davey Boy Smith v. Kuniaki Kobayashi/Higo Hamaguchi (02/05/85)
  6. Harley Race/TG Stone v. Killer Khan/Masanobu Kurisu (03/09/95)
  7. Tiger Mask v. Kuniaki Kobayashi (03/09/95)
  8. Shoehi Baba v. Tiger Jeet Singh (PWF Title, 02/05/85)


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